EU representative

100 % Article 27 GDPR compliant

EU based (Germany & Austria)
contact point for supervisory authorities
contact point for data subjects
reachable by mail and physical letters
information forwarding service
GDPR update service

Epic blog post from Gina

Wanna read zillions of letters bout Article 27 GDPR?

Article 27 GDPR Badge

Less questions. More sales.

Show your customers at first glance that your service is GDPR compliant.

Do I need an EU-representative?

  1. Do you have a branch within the EU?
  2. Do you offer goods or services to customers who are in the EU?
  3. Do you monitor behaviour of persons within the EU?

benefits of GDPR compliance

software as a service

🤖 instant 24 / 7 information on new inquiries

🤖 scan service for old fashioned letters
(unfortunately still the preferred mean of communication for authorities and lawyers 😉

🤖 message center?

rock solid qualification

good to know there are savvy humans too

add ons

just in case you need further support

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